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Life hack: self cleaning shower doors!

No matter how often you clean the shower doors, they always get scummy again after a few showers. The reason for this is because water droplets dry on the surface of the doors and leave scummy mineral deposits behind. A squeegee is a great way to eliminate this but good luck convincing your teens, or spouse, to do this after every shower!

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way for the shower to squeegee itself!? Well, there is a new trick making its rounds on the internet and it involves something you likely have in your garage. Rain-X®! That's right, the water repellent used to keep your windshield streak free works wonders on shower doors!

Rain-X has the unique property of making water droplets bead together and run off surfaces that it's applied to. Since no water is left behind to dry on the doors, those nasty mineral deposits get flushed down your drain and your shower stays clean for MUCH longer.

Just like your windshield, apply the Rain-X® (or similar off-brand water repellent) to your shower doors and enjoy the cleanliness for many weeks!

Happy Cleanings!

The Cleaning Room - Hamilton

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