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Is your closet getting full? Here's a quick tip to reclaim your space!

To keep or not to keep? That IS the question most of us ask when we realize we are running out of closet space. Though it would be fantastic to forever keep those jeans you swear you will fit into again or the fancy dress you wore at your last staff party that had all the guys from the 12th floor loosening their ties, the truth is, most of us simply do not have the closet space to keep it all. So how do you decide what to give up? I mean you were just wearing that sweater last month... or was it last year? Well fret no more! With this simple trick, you will be able to easily identify those garments that are simply collecting dust and finally get rid of them (or come to terms that you may have a slight hoarding problem).

To clear up some space, simply turn all the hangers in your closet backwards.After you have worn something, replace it on the hanger the right way. After one year, donate any clothing still facing backwards to your favorite charity (or sibling).

How much space did you save? Let us know by liking our page and leaving a comment! Happy cleanings!

Visit our blog regularly for more tips and tricks to clean up your space! And of course, give us a call for all of your cleaning needs!

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