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Life hack - The smarter, safer way to store your house cleaning products.

Keeping cleaning products under the sink can be a nuisance for many. Not only does the clutter take up valuable cupboard space, but shuffling for the item you need requires bending down or getting on your knees, a source of pain for many. Add this to the fact that these products are within reach of our children or grandchildren, we begin to wonder why we ever stored them there in the first place! There is a better way, and it involves a great life hack that is making its rounds on the internet. See below!

keep house cleaning products away from children and easily accessible

Using an over-the-door shoe organizer is a great and inexpensive way to keep your house cleaning products easily accessible yet out of reach of children. They can be hung on the laundry room door, in a linen closet or on a pantry door. Pick one up at most department stores for under $25 and enjoy the re-purposed convenience of this great life hack!

-The Cleaning Room

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